Airlay Fiber Rolls
Airlay fiber is an interlaced, vertically orientated fiber with great resiliency. It offers an excellent loft with a bouncier feel than a regular low melt fiber product. Airlay fiber is used in outdoor cushions and as a premium wrap for foam cushions.
  Densified Airlay Fiber
This is a compressed version of the airlay fiber. It offers more comfort than a regular densified fiber product, with excellent body. It is used where greater support is desired.
  Low Melt Fiber Rolls
A thermal bonded product utilizing a low melt fiber as part of the fiber combination. Offered from very soft to firm, it is utilized for quilting bedding, mattress tops, and clothing. Also used for lining backs, arms and cushion wrap on upholstered furniture. Some products are available in a “green” version, made from 100% recycled fiber.
  Densified Fiber Rolls and Pieces
This is a low melt product that is compressed during the manufacturing process to a specific depth. For example, a 2 ounce per square foot web is usually 2 to 2.5” inches thick, is compressed down to 0.75”, making it a much denser product. It can be used as a lower cost substitute for foam in furniture and mattresses. Because polyester does not retain water, it is a great product for outdoor cushions.
  Needlepunch Fiber
A firm, very dense fiber, used to cover springs on a sofa frame.
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